Books: Turcicum Imperium, San Pablo in San Pablo, Cagayan Valley for sale

Books: Turcicum Imperium, San Pablo
Books: Turcicum Imperium, San Pablo

8.5 x 12.3 cm, copper engraving - NO verso text with some foxing along margins, not affecting plate. EXTREMELY RARE edition. Ref: Koeman Vis 4 (= Lan 15); Shirley -1h; Tiele 1160.
Claes Janszoon Visscher
Turcicum Imperium
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map from"Asiae Nova Descriptio [Tabularum libri IV]", f.4. Asian part from"Tabularum geographicarum contractarum libri quatuor". published in Amsterdam. second to the last edition, substantially extended edition of Barent Langenes'Caert-Thresoor, published then at Middelburg. This edition is extremely rare as only"one copy known"(per Koeman in British Museum), and has no text, I.e. all maps show a blank verso - collector's item A miniature map of the Arabian peninsula, centered on Jerusalem. Title cartouche on the lower left corner. 1649 [1598].
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