Flicka PÃ¥Tahiti [Tahiti Maiden] (Carl Johan Alfred Skogman), San Pablo in San Pablo, Cagayan Valley for sale

Flicka PÃ¥Tahiti [Tahiti Maiden] (Carl Johan Alfred
Flicka PÃ¥Tahiti [Tahiti Maiden] (Carl Johan Alfred

19.5 x 11.8cm, original-colour lithograph RARE. Reference: Borba de Moraes II, p. 815 du Rietz 1196, P de Tavera
Carl Johan Alfred Skogman
Flicka PÃ¥Tahiti [Tahiti Maiden]
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Print from"Fregatten'Eugenies'resa omkring Jorden aren 1851 - 1853.C. A. Virgin"[Circumnavigation of the Fregate Eugenie'.] published by Adolf Bonnier in Stockholm;from the first ed. of the official account of the first Swedish circumnavigation. This beautiful colour lithograph by Inst. Arnz&Co. of Duesseldorf/Germany. 1854-55
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Polynesia Pacific Tahiti Costume